Best Stcoks To Buy - Share Trading Recommednations

For last few sessions commodity stocks are in nice uptrends. Stocks like Sesa Goa and Sterlite are coming out of big bear markets and on all declines they should be bought. 

Sesa Goa can easily correct back towards Rs 200 but once we get past Rs 240, you will easily see Rs 280-290 coming in on Sesa Goa. Similarly on Sterlite, Rs 145-150 is likely. 

Metals will do well on days when global markets do well and chances are that this uptrend will continue for a bit. Tata Steel could easily get up to levels of Rs 500. The first bit of rally is over. Now the next decline will offer that opportunity to get in. So maybe if Tata Steel comes back to something like Rs 420-430, out there you will tend to get back into Tata Steel. The first big rally and then a small decline would lead to the opportunity where you can get back in.