Union Budget 2012 - Impcts on Indian Stock Markets

On 16th March Union Budget 2012 is scheduled to be declared, and our Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee is in under pressure to get growth back on track and to get his fiscal house in order. And that surely requires an optimum balanced act.

As we look at the market performances for the year 2012 till date, it has been traded well and showed some very good momentums in past. This might be an indication that market may be good enough for this year. And if we come to UNION BUDGET 2012, surely it will play an huge role for making directions for Indian Markets.

If UNION BUDGET 2012, is set for keeping welfare for all class of people, in all segments, then I can surely say market is gonna to boom this year. If public of India post their satisfactory reviews on Union Budget then market is likely to perform very well and thus may attract more volumes and FIIs.

Let's see what Mr. Pranab Mukherjee brings us. Hope for better and balanced budget.